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The Age of Manipulating Others Ends With Us!


Welcome everyone! Today I am going to dive into a very problematic behavior that humans have that has been conditioned to be acceptable when it's definitely not. That problematic behavior is manipulation. This is a word and action very many of us are familiar with and many of us are tired of seeing and experiencing. Manipulating others is not acceptable and the behavior needs to come to an end.

What is manipulation?

Manipulation is a selfish act and it has zero consideration for how the other person is feeling, and there is no empathy or compassion being given. This selfish act only hurts us and even has the potential to create hostility towards others because what we are doing when we manipulate others is causing harm and hurt. People that have good hearts are the first to be manipulated because manipulators find them as an easy target. This behavior needs to stop. Kind people should not be treated as targets. Nobody should be treated as a target. Many people use their emotions as a way to manipulate others and it is extremely disheartening to see. We should be acknowledging our faults and what triggers us emotionally as a way to grow and become more compassionate towards others.

What are some examples of manipulation? 

Projecting your issues onto others to form them into the image of someone YOU want them to be, giving people the silent treatment without explaining your side of the situation, using your emotions to have people cater to your insecurities and faults, et cetera. How you feel is not an opportunity to use your emotions as a way to manipulate others. No amount of justification is acceptable when it comes to manipulation.

So how do we start ending the cycle of manipulation?

It starts with us. It starts with us healing ourselves and understanding our triggers. It starts with us growing ourselves to become better people. And instead of using manipulation towards others we can learn to be persuasive. Persuasion takes compassion. It takes empathy. It takes strength. It takes understanding that not everyone you converse with about your feelings will see eye to eye with it. And at that point it takes understanding that you are an individual and that you're not going to gain everyone's support.

You're not going to get everyone to be on board with what you are doing. Persuasion is about good intentions but also knowing that your good intentions will not reach everyone! So it is important to know that when you manipulate, you're just making everything about yourself. But when you make the choices within yourself to grow as a person, you become more persuasive in your intentions and you become more understanding.

You become part of a movement that aims towards sharing love and unity in this world. We can all do our part towards ending the cycle of manipulation. It is not an easy journey! Please do not convince yourself into thinking so! Growing as a person is ugly, it is uncomfortable, it is scary even, but trust yourself and have faith!

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