Best shoes for walking and standing all day

Best Shoes for Walking and Standing All Day


So you're looking to find some of the best shoes for walking and standing all day, aye? Well, first off, you should be informed that "best" is actually subjective. You see, most shoes actually are not designed specifically with our feet in mind. So with that being said, let's dive in and thoroughly look at what it actually means to find "best shoes for walking and standing all day".

Your Feet At A Glance:

Everyone's feet are different. There are flat-footed people, people with high arches, people with long feet, people with short feet, and people with feet that have issues with their tendons, also known as plantar fasciitis.

In order to find a shoe that's best for you that helps you to be able to walk and stand all day it would need to be a shoe that is designed for your feet in mind. As we know a majority of shoes are made to a standard so that way it's more universal. The downfall to this is:

  1. Standardized shoes are not designed around our feet characteristics and issues.
  2. Shoes that are made to a standard size may cause more issues for our feet than actually helping them.
  3. Shoes with a standardized size and design may actually cause inflamed tendons over time (plantar fasciitis) even though we've never had that issue in the past.

Indeed this does sound rather irritating because you're trying to find a shoe that works for you. What you're really trying to find when you look up "best shoes for walking and standing all day" is actually finding a shoe that works specifically for your foot so that way you can endure walking and standing all day.

This also means that you may not be someone that can work with a standardized shoe. In fact you need something that's a little more customized.

There are different types of shoes being made nowadays which are helping with these issues.

Different Kinds of Shoes for Different Kinds of Feet:

It is very common to see the more standardized type of shoe. You know, with the thick looking sole and marketed for support and stuff. But again these shoes are standardized. They may not work for you.

Now there are different types of shoes also being introduced such as ones with an air mesh style. Some of these air mesh styled shoes do actually help those with feet problems. In fact, The Nebula Palace provides a style of shoe that is an air mesh that works for people who need a different kind of support for their feet. Take a gander at the image below and click on it you'll see some details about this particular shoe:

Shoes that may help with feet problems like plantar fasciitis. They may be the best shoe for walking and standing all day for people with this issue.

Think of how a strut or coilover works on a car. It's designed to take the impact from travel by acting like a shock absorber and distributes that shock away from the driver.

When your feet wear this kind of shoe, your foot is essentially encased inside of what is behaving similarly to the strut of a car. Instead of your foot being forced to work with a thick shoe sole and having to endure the impact of that with every step, this kind of shoe works with your foot. So instead what is happening your foot is actually being able to have flexibility in movements rather than being restricted like with a sole that's thick.

Best shoes for walking and standing all day for people with plantar fasciitis.

So why does this work for people with plantar fasciitis? The reason why this works is because this flexible movement allows for the tendon to stretch and move. Plantar fasciitis happens because the tendon isn't allowed to stretch and when it's not allowed to stretch that's when the inflammation happens.

Some feet need to be able to have the tendon stretch to prevent inflammation. Most standardized shoes do not account for this issue and contribute to the forming of plantar fasciitis.

For people that struggle with plantar fasciitis this is the kind of shoe that they should be looking into. Because these kind of shoes will allow you to be able to walk and stand all day.

But what if I don't struggle with plantar fasciitis? Then you might not need a shoe like this. And a shoe like this could cause more problems for you in the long run. Instead you could try a more athletic styled shoe with a more solid sole like this one from The Nebula Palace:

Best shoes for walking and standing all day for people without feet problems.

This shoe is more designed to be more athletic/sporty. It's intended to be lightweight and it has a solid type sole for those who need the cushion for their feet.

There is not much more to describe with the shoe like this. While not basic, but a little more on the standardized side, it's great for those who don't suffer from feet problems like plantar fasciitis.

I'm flat footed, so is there something best for me? If you are flat-footed and are looking for a shoe that fits you, shoes with a thicker sole and not much of an arch might suit you, like these thick bottom shoes from The Nebula Palace:

A shoe that is intended for people who are flat-footed. Rainbow-like design.

Keep in mind though too that shoes might not even be something that you're able to wear. There are also open-toed shoes as well as sandals built with support for those that are flat-footed. As of current The Nebula Palace does not offer such a shoe or sandal so your best option will be to search for some online. Or if possible, inside a store that provides those items.

So What Are The Best Shoes for Walking and Standing All Day?

The answer to this question is that it depends on your feet. Get to know your feet in and out so that way you have a good understanding of finding a shoe or even a sandal that works best for you.

A standardized shoe does not work for everyone. This is why it's important to understand what affects your feet and what helps them.

Simply just looking up "best shoes for walking and standing all day" is not going to yield you the results that you are looking for. You need to be more specific and understand how your feet respond to different kinds of shoes.

Keep in mind as well that you cannot just wear one pair of shoes all the time. You may need three to five different pairs of shoes and interchange them out daily.

Shoes are not meant to last a very long time. Despite what others may think. The durability of the sole or mesh wears out as well as the fabric. So make sure you're keeping track of that.

Conclusion: The Final Verdict

Everyone's feet are different. Therefore it is necessary to understand what your feet need in terms of a shoe or even a sandal. Everyone's feet responds to shoes differently. Everyone has different characteristics and issues with their feet.

That is why it's important to research and get to know how your feet respond and what works best for them so that way you can find a shoe that allows you to be able to walk and stand all day.

Also remember to keep in mind that shoes do not last forever so it is important to alternate out with at least a few pair of shoes.

The best shoes for walking and standing all day ultimately depend on how your feet are designed.

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