A gloomy woman wearing a dark nebula outfit trying to overcome her issues with spiritual bypassing.

How to Overcome Spiritual Bypassing: A Practical Guide


Spirituality is a powerful resource for many people who seek meaning, purpose, and connection in life. However, spirituality can also be misused as a way to avoid or escape from the challenges and difficulties that we face as human beings. This phenomenon is known as spiritual bypassing, and it can have negative consequences for our mental and physical health.

What is spiritual bypassing?

Spiritual bypassing is a term coined by psychologist John Welwood in the 1980s to describe the tendency of some people to use spiritual beliefs, practices, or experiences as a way to avoid or deny their psychological issues, emotional wounds, or unresolved conflicts. Some examples of spiritual bypassing are:

  •  Using positive affirmations or mantras to suppress or ignore negative feelings or thoughts.
  • Claiming to be above or beyond the human condition of suffering, anger, fear, or attachment.
  • Judging or rejecting others who do not share the same spiritual views or values
  • Dismissing or rationalizing personal or social problems as illusions or karma.
  • Avoiding responsibility or accountability by attributing everything to a higher power or divine plan.
  • Seeking spiritual highs or transcendent states as a way to escape from reality or cope with stress.

Why is spiritual bypassing harmful?

A woman crying galaxy tears to represent the pain and harm from spiritual bypassing.

Spiritual bypassing may seem like a harmless or even beneficial strategy at first, but in the long run, it can have detrimental effects on our well-being. Some of the potential harms of spiritual bypassing are:

  • It prevents us from facing and healing our psychological wounds, which can lead to chronic emotional distress, unresolved trauma, or psychosomatic symptoms.
  • It creates a false sense of self, which can make us feel disconnected from ourselves, others, and reality.
  • It hinders our spiritual growth, which can make us stagnate in our development, lose our authenticity, or become rigid or dogmatic in our beliefs.
  • It alienates us from others, which can make us feel lonely, isolated, or superior/inferior to others.
  • It contributes to social injustice, which can make us ignore, justify, or perpetuate the oppression and suffering of others.

How can we overcome spiritual bypassing?

The good news is that spiritual bypassing is not a permanent condition. We can overcome it by becoming more aware of our motives and behaviors, and by integrating our spirituality with our psychology. Here are some practical steps that we can take to overcome spiritual bypassing:

  • Acknowledge and accept our feelings and thoughts, without judging or suppressing them. We can use mindfulness techniques, journaling, therapy, or other methods to help us with this process.
  • Explore and understand the root causes of our issues, such as childhood trauma, family patterns, cultural influences, or personal experiences. We can use psychotherapy, self-help books, support groups, or other resources to help us with this process.
  • Express and release our emotions in healthy ways, such as crying, talking, writing, art, music, movement, or other forms of creative expression.
  • Seek and offer forgiveness to ourselves and others who have hurt us or whom we have hurt. We can use prayer, meditation, rituals, letters, conversations, or other forms of reconciliation.
  • Take responsibility and action for our personal and social problems, such as setting boundaries, making changes, seeking help, offering help, advocating for justice, or joining causes.
  • Balance our spiritual practices with our daily lives, such as grounding ourselves in the present moment, taking care of our physical needs, engaging with others, and finding joy in simple things.


Spirituality is not a problem in itself. It is a valuable dimension of our humanity that can enrich our lives in many ways. However, spirituality can also become a problem when we use it as a way to avoid or escape from our human reality. Spiritual bypassing is a common trap that many of us fall into at some point in our spiritual journey. By recognizing and overcoming it, we can heal ourselves and others more effectively. We can also deepen our spirituality and live more authentically.

A joyful woman who has recognized her issues with spiritual bypassing and is now living happily.

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