Strength is More Than Physical!

Strength is More Than Physical!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to The Nebula Palace. I hope your day or days have been treating you well and if they haven't then please make sure to take care of yourselves! I do apologize for not releasing anything lately! I've taken on a job to help me with finances so I can keep moving forward! Anyways, I wanted to talk about and break down the concept of strength for you all. Some of you might not know that the concept of strength is more than just seeing the physical appearance of someone. There is definitely a lot that goes into what makes up strength! Let's start off with compassion. Compassion is not something we happen to know if we've especially been mistreated in our daily lives. There is strength in compassion because you're putting the effort into understanding what someone else is going through and putting your selfishness and one-sided perspective aside to reach out to someone and show them some empathy.

Empathy is also a part of strength. Being empathetic towards others requires us to be able to understand that everyone's situations are different and applying the effort into showing empathy really helps out one another by showing those who are struggling that they aren't alone and that you understand where their situation is coming from. Empathy may not always be shown to others as they grow up especially if they've grown up in an abusive household or environment. It can indeed be a very difficult task to work with especially if who you're around expresses a lack of empathy but remember that the person in question may have grown up in a way that empathy was not a part of their lives. Empathy is one of the most important aspects of strength because you really have to decipher the line where how much effort you want to put into when being around someone or helping them. Sometimes it can be hurtful for you to distance yourself from such people but you have to remember as well that empathy goes both ways. You have to also be empathetic towards yourself in order to show empathy towards others.

Resilience also takes strength. For those that are resilient in their struggles, you are doing a wonderful job. You show an example for those that no matter how hard you are struggling that you always bounce back and keep going. You also show to yourself that you are capable of keeping yourself going strong with such a great quality. This is also a trait of strength that may not always be shown to those who have been struggling their entire lives because of a poor household or environment that always treats them poorly.

Kindness is also a part of strength. It takes so much within yourself to keep yourself to be kind towards those who have been mistreated. In many cases people act out in ways because of their triggers from their trauma and mistreatment as a defense mechanism. Kindness goes a long way when approaching these situations. It takes understanding that your kindness is what makes you strong and expressing that kindness for those that cry out for help through their pushing away or anger takes strength.

Another important aspect of strength is understanding that you cannot take how others are feeling personally because whatever they may be going through is a problem they are facing. Unless the person is asking for help directly it is not your place to get involved with their situation.

 Being someone that others can confide in also takes strength. But please also know that you have your limits as well so make sure to communicate that to others clearly. If they cannot respect that, there is also strength in setting boundaries for yourself so you can care for others.

Expressing these traits for yourself and for others are all a part of what makes a strong person. It takes a lifetime journey to be able to show the expression of strength towards others because there are so many different experiences to learn from when it comes to dealing with others and their situations. There are many more traits to strength than I can list in one blog post though in the future I'd be more than happy to share more about what strength consists of! Thank you everyone for reading through this blog post!

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This is a beautiful heart felt well written blog. Thank you for sharing.❤️


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