The Psychology of a Master Manipulator

The Psychology of a Master Manipulator

Hello everyone. Today I am going to get a little serious about a pretty common topic. However, much of the information that is given out there do NOT actually cover the signs of a master manipulator. Many of the articles that are in the public cover on an obvious manipulator; someone who hasn't had the experience in manipulating others. First, I am going to point out that any form of manipulation is a form of mistreating others and if not addressed, it can turn into abusive behavior. I will be discussing the psychology of a master manipulator so that way people can understand that their behavior is not obvious.

A master manipulator is not someone that will come at you with criticism early on in the relationship you have with them. They are called master manipulators because they are experienced in getting to know someone and then once they know that person's psychology, they use it against them in subtle ways, breaking them down slowly. They know how to interact with a person in the beginning of a new relationship, whether it be a friendship, coworker or significant other. A master manipulator knows how to play the mind game correctly. They may tell you that they want to know everything about you, whether it's the good, the bad, everything...but their intentions aren't good. A master manipulator knows the right things to say as they know in a new relationship this person is in a state of excitement or infatuation and they use that to their advantage. They play into that psychology by acting like a good person so that way they can figure you out as the relationship progresses.

Hand with strings controlling a person on the computer to express manipulation.

As the relationship starts to progress, they won't show their manipulative nature in any obvious manner. It'll start off with subtle dismissals whether it be in what you said or how you acted. And those dismissals will leave you perplexed and even feeling guilty. Remember, your feelings do matter if a situation that directly affects you does change the way you feel. The minute someone makes you feel guilty about your emotions in a situation that affected you directly it is better for you to walk away from this person because master manipulators know how to word themselves in a way that may sound meaningful but will leave you confused. This is a tactic they use to undermine your feelings. They will continue to be subtle in nature about how they are manipulating you. Then once they've gotten you into a point where you're doubting yourself and feeling insecure then they'll start to criticize everything you do wrong. At this point they already have you in their grasp, so they no longer have to hold back. They have you in their control. They will criticize you on everything you do to further undermine you. This is the point where the relationship becomes dangerous because their behavior becomes abusive, whether it be psychological or physical. They will start to blame you on how you made them feel over every trivial thing whether it be a joke, trying to talk things out, or even just trying to have a conversation. No matter what there will never be a positive to the situation. Master manipulators are people with deeply rooted insecurities who seek to control their surroundings to cater to their needs and wants only.

What are some ways you can prevent yourself from falling victim to a master manipulator? One of the best ways is to talk to someone who is emotionally intelligent about the situation, whether that be a friend or someone who is a family member that you can trust. Or even a professional if need be. A person who is emotionally intelligent knows the signs of a master manipulator and can see how the relationship will play out. Another way is to dive into some articles and research about manipulative behavior. Though keep in mind there are a lot of articles out there that do not cover on the psychology of a master manipulator. These articles will just cover on some signs that are too obvious. Remember, a master manipulator does not show their behavior so recklessly. They are always subtle about it. They slowly work on getting to know your psychology and then use it against you like a ticking time bomb.

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