An image of a galaxy to represent the concept of divine love as it spreads throughout the universe.

Divine Love and It's Importance For Everyone


I'm sure there are some of you that already know what divine love is. But for those that don't, I'm going to dive into this and why it is incredibly important for us to become better for one another. Many of us think that love is all about attachment or having to sacrifice but rest assured that is not the case. And love is also something that can be shared with everyone, not just a partner. This is where divine love steps in.

What is Divine Love?

Divine love is the love that we all share for one another. It is the love that we all actually strive for. It is the love that we show in our actions towards one another by giving each other support and acceptance and also helping each other grow into their true selves. It is also the love that allows us to understand that while we all have our problems we must also do our part to understand that we cannot always become so personally involved because then that is not love that is us putting our burdens and lack of understanding onto others.

There is a balance between knowing when to get involved and when not to. This is also a concept that is involved in expressing divine love. We must show one another how to love each other on a universal scale. When we achieve this, we achieve unity.

Divine love also scales on a spiritual level as well. The love we share for one another also helps in aiding those in their journey of spiritual healing. We can all do our part in expressing divine love and inspiring one another to grow and motivate ourselves into achieving our full potential as individuals. Without divine love we divide one another. We must do our best to support one another and love one another on a universal scale so that our future will become much brighter for us all.

How can we express Divine Love?

There are many ways to express Divine Love. Each and every day we do something out of the kindness of our hearts is an act of Divine Love. Some examples of Divine Love are:

  • Supporting your friends and loved ones through their ups and downs and even their passions.
  • Being kind to those you don't personally know. We all have our battles that we are facing and being kind is a small act of Divine Love.
  • Coaching your loved ones when they express poor behaviors. Remember, approaching with kindness on these behaviors is what can contribute to helping them heal. But please also know that this does not mean to let your boundaries go.
  • Practicing daily routines and rituals that help your mental well being.
  • Sharing positive affirmations to yourself and those around you.
  • Listening to those that need to confide in someone. Please remember that your mental well being comes first with this and if you do not have the mental capacity, do not sacrifice. Let the other person know that you will be open to hearing them out when you've recovered.

We can all do our part in expressing such small acts of Divine Love to bring the world to a better place.

A cosmic heart expressing the positive vibrance of Divine Love.

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