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Expressing The Importance of Unity and Inclusivity


So here we are...for those who wish to learn and would like to know why it is important to bring unity and inclusivity to this world...let me explain it to you. For everyone else that don't wanna're on your own!

What's Important about Unity and Inclusivity?

So let's get started here. First off I wanna thank everyone who takes time out of their day to read these blog posts. The posts I make revolve around the importance of making individuals feel like they matter. This world is evolving and so are the people in it. Because the world and the people are slowly evolving and coming to terms with expressing their true selves and identities, we also have those who question this and those who are just straight up assholes about it. This is what I want to express to you all:

  • Unity and inclusivity are very important in this world. Especially in the times we are going through right now.
  • Unity is what brings all of us together no matter who we are. It is the genuine support we share with one another whether it be emotional, financial or whatever support is needed. It is the backbone of pure acceptance to all of us.

Why Should We Express Unity and Inclusivity?

The lack of unity introduces a toxic and suffocating atmosphere for all of us who just want to be happy and live our lives. This is where we also fall into inclusivity. Inclusivity is being accepting of ANYONE'S IDENTITY AND THEIR TRANSITION. It is accepting their flaws, faults, demons and understanding that people need that inclusive energy to help themselves become their true selves.


When we bring unity and inclusivity together we create an empowering, positive and forward moving atmosphere to everyone. It brings us all together and helps us on our journeys whether if we are in a transition or if we are healing. You may very well be one of those people in need of healing and support as you read this. You may very well be one of those people who question the very existence of unity and inclusivity. But trust me when I say this: It doesn't hurt you nor anyone to bring forth a unifying and inclusive experience to everyone no matter who they are. We must stride forward to bring this world to a much better standing. Just remember everyone, we stand better together.


A starry background representing unity and inclusivity.

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