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The Nebula Palace: Spiritually Cosmic Fashion

Astral Rebirth Unisex Galaxy Space Fashion Down Jacket

Astral Rebirth Unisex Galaxy Space Fashion Down Jacket

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Introducing the Astral Rebirth Unisex Galaxy Space Fashion Down Jacket – a celestial masterpiece that goes beyond mere apparel, transcending the realm of fashion to embrace the cosmic essence of the soul's rebirth.

Immerse yourself in the wondrous depths of the universe, where galaxies intertwine and stars ignite in a dazzling dance of light. This down jacket serves as a tangible portal to the cosmic plane, symbolizing the profound journey of spiritual renewal and metamorphosis. Just as stars undergo supernova, bursting forth with radiant energy, so too does this garment embody the essence of transformation.

Behold the deep-colored expanse of space woven into the fabric, mirroring the vastness of the cosmos. The subtle reds symbolize the passionate fires that burn within us, igniting the flames of creativity and desire. The yellows evoke the cosmic wisdom that illuminates our path, guiding us through the vast expanse of existence. And the dark blues speak of the profound mysteries, the unseen depths of our subconscious, and the uncharted territories of the soul.

As you don this ethereal down jacket, feel the embrace of cosmic energy enveloping you, empowering you to shed the weight of past burdens and emerge anew. Just as a caterpillar metamorphoses into a majestic butterfly, this jacket embraces you with the promise of a rebirth – a rejuvenation of the spirit and a blossoming of the soul.

In the Astral Rebirth Down Jacket, every thread is woven with intention, stitched with stardust, and infused with the wisdom of the cosmos. It serves as a reminder that, like the ever-expanding universe, the potential for growth, evolution, and rebirth within us knows no bounds.

Allow the alluring hues and cosmic patterns to awaken your inner journey of self-discovery and transformation. Whether you wear it under the open sky, beneath the star-studded canvas of night, or amidst the bustling city lights, this jacket becomes a portal connecting your spirit to the infinite cosmos.

With every step you take, you carry the essence of cosmic rebirth with you – a reminder that the universe is in a constant state of renewal, and so are you. Embrace the Astral Rebirth Unisex Galaxy Space Fashion Down Jacket, and let it be a beacon of cosmic inspiration, guiding you on your soul's journey to new horizons, higher dimensions, and infinite possibilities.

General, Materials and Washing Info

A spiritually charged winter jacket for the cold temps. Feel the warmth of your soul absorbing the essence of the cosmos to fill you with true potential.

This windproof and durable puff jacket is filled with a anti-drilling fabric shell that has a good performance of preventing the down from drilling from its surface. Filled with 90% high-quality white duck-down (all ducks are treated humanely during our production, no down is come from live-plucked or force-fed birds), it can keep warm during cold weather, being comfortable and lightweight to wear. Double zipper closure, side pocket can protect your hands against the windy and cold day.

  • Shell: 100% polyester
  • Padding: 90% down, 10% feather
  • Lining: 100% polyester
  • Loose fit
  • Zipper closure, elastic band at cuffs
  • Fabric weight: 70g/m²
  • Care Instruction: machine wash cold with similar colors, do not bleach, tumble dry low, do not iron, do not dry clean.
  • This product is made on demand, with no minimum order quantity.
  • Multiple shipping methods available, and fees vary depending on the location and the shipping method selected.
  • For custom areas, please refer to the Yoycol mockup generator for details.
  • Notice: A variety of factors may cause slight differences between the actual product and the mock-up, including but not limited to colors and precision of elements position.

Size Chart


inch XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL 6XL
Length 26.2  26.2  28.3  28.3  30.5  30.5  32.7  32.7  34.8  34.8 
Shoulder 16.5  17.7  18.9  20.1  21.3  22.4  23.6  24.8  26.0  27.2 
Bust 40.2  44.1  48.0  52.0  55.9  59.8  63.8  67.7  71.7  75.6 
Sleeve 26.4  26.8  27.2  27.6  28.0  28.3  28.7  29.1  29.5  29.9 


centimeter XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL 6XL
Length 66.5  66.5  72.0  72.0  77.5  77.5  83.0  83.0  88.5  88.5 
Shoulder 42.0  45.0  48.0  51.0  54.0  57.0  60.0  63.0  66.0  69.0 
Bust 102.0  112.0  122.0  132.0  142.0  152.0  162.0  172.0  182.0  192.0 
Sleeve 67.0  68.0  69.0  70.0  71.0  72.0  73.0  74.0  75.0  76.0 


This size guide shows product measurements taken when products are laid flat. Actual product measurements may vary by up to 3cm (1").

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