An In Depth Talk About The Journey of The Nebula Palace

An In Depth Talk About The Journey of The Nebula Palace

Why Did I Create The Nebula Palace?

Aside from the reasons to creating a clothing brand to represent a positive social movement, there are some other significant reasons as well and I will be more than happy to talk about them:

1) It’s a Challenge

Creating this brand has brought me many challenges that I never would have learned for myself if I did not take this step. The challenge I have encountered was learning more about myself and the world around me when it comes to creating a personal brand business.

2) It's a Unique Creative Outlet

I have utilized this brand as a way to express a creative outlet that I’ve had a fascination towards: Galaxy and cosmically inspired designs. I have always had a knack for these kinds of designs. Back in 2017, I bought some galaxy outfits I came across on Into the AM and iEDM because they resonated so well with my fashion sense as well as my soul. In 2021, I decided to create The Nebula Palace to expand upon these types of designs and create them to my liking and share them with the world to represent the beauty of them.

3) I've Experienced Lessons I Did Not Know

The lessons I have learned from making this brand have been endless but also a positive momentum for myself. There have been many times where I have felt like giving up because I felt like things weren’t working out for me no matter how much work I put into it. Little did I know back then that I actually had to learn to develop a routine and mindset that worked best for me so that way I CAN continue working on the brand in a way I see that would work best. I have learned patience in a way that I did not see before. The long-term patience I have experienced has shown me exactly why I need to remain consistent in my efforts. Nothing is built within a day, and everything takes effort, no matter how little the progress is. Nothing is born from no effort. I have gone through many obstacles from learning how to establish a professional looking brand. These obstacles have ranged from coding the website, to learning who is supporting the brand, to what exactly I need to do in order to bring it to the hearts of those who seek what the brand entails.

4) It Showed Me Where I Was Struggling

Creating this brand helped me realize where my struggles were at and how to resolve them. I’ve obtained so much information within this past year of how to curate a successful brand. It all takes time, consistency, and dedication!

5) It Has Shown Me How to Be Focused

Creating this brand has shown me how to become more focused as I’ve learned where to resolve my struggles. I am thankful for the journey it has given me. As I continue to move forward, I aim to see this brand become successful to where it captures the hearts of many people!

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Very inspiring blog. Keep up the hard work and dedication!!! 🥰🤗👍💕


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