An Onwards Journey

An Onwards Journey

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've posted a blog on here. I just wanted to talk about something that will give you some food for thought. As we all work towards healing ourselves...I have noticed something about people when they change...healing yourself does not mean you are no better than someone who is hurting and is struggling with their own demons. Lots of people who talk about positivity and healing are forgetting this important part of life as well. Don't forget that you were once in their shoes as well and it's not right for anyone to judge someone for their faults or mistakes. Many people have been raised in very toxic, abusive and hostile households and so when it comes to interacting with others, they only know how to interact with what they know. So please do not cast judgement or hate onto those that are expressing toxic behavior. If you do this, you are no better than them! The best thing anyone can do is love them from a distance and accept that they need to heal. In order for us to strive towards a better future we all need to understand that everyone is on different chapters of their own healing journey. Patience and acceptance go a very long way and the more we express that, we can all help heal one another just by our actions alone!

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Very well stated. I like that 😊


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